Please Note: these fares are effective 1st July 2000.

Full FareConc. Full FareConc. Full FareConc. Full FareConc. Full Fare
No Conc.
1 $2.40 $1.35 $4.60 $2.40 $20.00 $9.95 $75.00 $37.80 $808.50
2 $1.70 $0.90 $3.10 $1.65 $13.70 $6.80 $50.40 $25.20 $551.20
3 $1.70 $0.90 $3.10 $1.65 $13.70 $6.80 $50.40 $25.20 $551.20
 1   2  $4.00 $2.10 $7.40 $3.75 $33.90 $16.90 $115.50 $57.70 $1291.50
 2   3  $3.30 $1.75 $6.10 $3.15 $27.60 $13.75 $101.30 $50.40 $1081.50
  1     2   3 $5.50 $2.80 $9.90 $4.30 $41.40 $19.20 $141.20 $66.65 $1601.20

Two hour X 10 Metcards
ZONES Full Fare Conc.
1 $20.40 $11.20
2 $15.10 $7.65
3 $15.10 $7.65
 1  2 $35.50 $17.70
 2  3 $30.00 $15.10
  1     2   3 $49.60 $24.95

A full range of Metcards
including daily tickets
and the newly introduced
2 hour x 10 are available
from conveniently located
retail outlets. For your
nearest retail outlet call
the Metcard Help Line
1800 652 313

60 Plus Ticket
(Zones 1+2+3)
$2.30 -
Short Trip Ticket $1.50 $0.80
Short Trip 10
(10 trips in Zone 1)
$13.10 $6.60
Rail Plus 2 $1.50 $0.80
Off Peak Saver
- Zone 2 to City Loop
- Zone 3 to City Loop
Family Daily
(Zones 1+2+3)
$19.90 -
Group Get-About
- Single Zone
- Zones 1+2+3
Delegate Card Price on
Nightrider $5.00 -
Public Transport Map $2.00

Automated Ticketing
Melbourne's Automated Ticketing (AT) system has been installed for use on all services in the metropolitan area. The AT system uses electronically encoded tickets called "Metcards". The metropolitan area has over 400 Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) at stations, more than 750 Retail outlets and numerous trams and buses from where you can buy a Metcard. All ticketing equipment is also accompanied by clear usage directions and is supported by prominently placed Met information on the availability of ticket types, fare and conditions of use to assist passengers with their ticket choice. If you have any questions about how to buy or use a Metcard please call the toll free Metcard Help Line on 1800 652 313. Please note: Travelling without a valid ticket could lead to a heavy fine. Whatever your needs - we've got the Metcard.

The Metcard you buy will depend on the amount of time you need and what zone/s you will be travelling in. As well as multi-modal Metcards, you can also buy tickets for single journeys, off-peak travel and tickets for groups. Most tickets are available in full and concession fare types. Travel on metropolitan public transport services is subject to the Transport Act 1983, the regulations made under that Act and the policies and conditions as listed in the Met Conditions of Use Manual.

Metcard Outlets
Metcards can be pre-purchased at train stations from Customer Service Centres or TVMs, the City Met Shop and Retail outlets. Larger TVMs installed at stations accept a range of coins and notes as well as a direct debit facility. All the ticket details (type of ticket, fare type, zone etc) are printed on each Metcard. Retail outlets include: Selected newsagents, chemists, milk bars and mixed businesses and can be easily recognised by a Metcard sign or flag.

Metcard Zones
The majority of Met fares are based on a zonal system. Three fare zones apply and they are colour coded for easy recognition. Zone 1 is yellow, Zone 2 is blue and Zone 3 is red, Zones 1+2 are yellow and blue, Zones 2+3 are blue and red and Zones 1+2+3 are yellow, blue and red. For your journey simply select the zone/s you will be travelling in. For example if you are travelling from Belgrave to the City you will need a Zone 1+2+3 Metcard, on the other hand, travelling from Eltham to Camberwell, a Zone 1+2 Metcard will get you there.

Validating Metcards
Metcards are about the size of a credit card with a magnetic stripe and are easy to use. All you have to do is just remember to validate your ticket each time you board a tram or bus or before entering a station designated area. Validators are conveniently located on all trams and buses and at all entrances to stations. The only exception is if you purchase your Metcard on board a tram, your ticket is automatically validated at the time of purchase for that journey only.
Remember always to check the expiry details printed on the top of the Metcard after validation. Malfunctioning Metcards should be referred to the Metcard Help Line 1800 652 313.

Metcard Types
These Metcards allow you to transfer from a train. tram or bus service for the amount of time of the ticket type.
Multi-Modal Travel
  • 2 Hour Metcards
    Allows unlimited travel for at least 2 hours - perfect for shopping, lunches and appointments. Single 2 Hour Metcards are available from all outlets.
  • TwoHour x10 Metcards
    You can get a real saving by pre-purchasing the handy TwoHour x 10 Metcard from stations, the City Met Shop and Retail outlets and get ten 2 Hour tickets for less than the price of nine.
  • Daily Metcards
    One of the most popular Metcards - it puts Melbourne on your doorstep and is ideal for travel for the whole day.
  • Weekly Metcards
    Great value for the commuter. If you are a frequent Met user then the Weekly is a smart buy. Available for seven days of travel for about the price of four.
  • Monthly and Yearly Metcards
    For regular commuters a Monthly or Yearly ticket is easy, convenient and even better value. These tickets are available for a calendar month or calendar year.
  • 60 Plus Metcards
    A special daily ticket for use anywhere on all Met services. Available only for holders of Victorian issued Seniors Card.
Single Journey Travel
Economical way to travel short distances within Zone 1.
  • Rail Plus 2 Metcards
    Available for one single journey from the boarding station to a station not more than two stations away in Zone 1.
Travel in Off-Peak
  • Off Peak Saver Metcards
    Discount train travel of around 25% is available for travel from Zone 2 or 3 stations to the city on weekdays only (except public holidays) between 9.30am and 4am and after 6pm. This Metcard also entitles you to travel on trams and buses in the city area during these times.
Group Travel
The following Metcards available from Premium Stations, allow groups to travel on all Met services.
  • Family Daily Metcards
    A great value daily Metcard available for travel on train, tram and bus services anywhere in the Met area on any day of the week. A group of up to two adults and six children under 15 or who hold a PTC Primary/Secondary Student Concession Card may travel on this Metcard.
  • Group Get-a-Bout Metcards
    The Group Get-A-Bout is also great for groups and families of up to six people to travel on weekends and public holidays. Your group can be made up of friends and/or family but there is a limit of two adults. Children must be under 15 or hold a PTC Primary/Secondary Student Concession Card.
  • Pre-Paid Travel Authority
    Groups of 12 people or more, travelling together, can travel at concession fares on train, tram and bus services anywhere in the Met area on any day of the week. Ask how, at you local Premium station.
Concession Fares
Concession tickets are available for most ticket types at around half the full fare. Children under 15 years and holders of the following approved concession cards are entitled to travel on a concession ticket. Children under 4 years may travel for free, on all Met services.
When travelling on a concession ticket on Met services, passengers who hold one of the following approved concession cards must carry it at all times and produce that card on demand.
  • Student Concession Cards
    - PTC Primary/Secondary Student Concession Card - PTC Statewide Tertiary Student Concession Card
  • Department of Social Security Cards
    - Health Care Card (Victorian residents only with the payment type code SA, NS, SL, YA, or WA printed in the "Payment Type" code box). - Pensioner Concession Card (residents of all states)
  • Other Cards
    - Seniors Cards (issued to Victorian residents who are aged 60 years and over and who work less than 35 hours per week). Seniors Card application forms are available from most Post Offices.

Under certain conditions refunds are available for tickets valid for one week or longer. Only lost tickets/passes which are issued with a photo ID may be replaced. A declaration (ie police report) is required and a fee is charged for replacements issued. For all other tickets owner onus applies.
For Metcard ticket and equipment malfunctions, please call the Metcard Help Line on toll free 1800 652 313.
For refund application forms and information, enquiries can be made at Premium Stations, the City Met Shop, Retail outlets and Metcard Help Line on toll free 1800 652 313.

Prams, pushers, bicycles and surfboards

Prams, pushers or baby carriages may be carried free at all times on Met services.
Bicycles may be carried free during off-peak times on Met train services - off-peak times: before 7am, between 9.30am - 4pm and after 6pm Monday to Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. A concession fare applies at all other times.
Surfboards may be carried at all times on Met train services only - a concession fare applies.

Can travel on Met trains, trams and buses between 9.30am and 4pm and after 6pm, Monday to Friday. There are no restrictions on weekends and public holidays.
On trams and buses, pets must be in a suitable container, on trains they must be on a lead or in a suitable container - large dogs must be muzzled.
A concession fare must be held for each pet, except for Seeing Eye and Hearing Guide dogs which may be carried at all times free of charge.

Passengers with Special Needs
A number of services are available to passengers with disabilities. For information contact Met Information Centre 131 638 or V/Line Passenger 136 196.
For personal assistance:
  • Train services, contact your local Premium Station.
All the above are TTY connected.

General Information
You can pick up all timetables, maps and brochures at the City Met Shop, 103 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Train timetables are also available at Premium stations, tram and bus timetables at Premium stations and relevant bus depots.